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Pyroelectric and Piezo Systems

The systems measures change in the lattice arrangement due to a change in the temperature of the lattice. Also these systems measures change in the lattice arrangement due to the application of an external force

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Dielectric Systems

These system measurses term known as electrical capacitance, this is the change in the lattice charge balance as the result of an external electric field applying a force to the lattice

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Magneto electric systems

The change in the lattice arrangement due to the application of a force to the lattice from an external magnetic field. This property requires that the lattice have some magnetic properties in order for the external magnetic field to apply force to atoms in the lattice.

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Following is our main product line:

    • PE loop tracer system
    • Strain Measurement System
    • BH Loop Tracer System (Brochure/ Manual, Technical literature)
    • DC Resistivity Measurement System
      • Pyroelectric Measurement system (Brochure/ Manual, Technical literature)
      • Gas Sensor Development (Brochure/ Manual)
      • Magneto Resistance Measurement System
        • Two Probe/Four Probe (Brochure/ Manual, Technical literature) )
        • Van Der Paw (Brochure/ Manual, Technical literature)
    • See-beck Measurements (Brochure/ Manual, Technical literature)
    • M-E Effect measurement (Brochure/ Manual, Technical literature)
    • Dielectric Measurements (Brochure/ Manual, Technical literature)
    • Microprobe Station (Brochure/ Manual Technical literature)
    • DC poling units ( Brochure/ Manual, Technical literature)
    • AC/DC Power Supplies (Brochure/ Manual, Technical literature)
    • D33 meter (Brochure/ Manual, Technical literature)
    • Electromagnets (Brochure/ Manual, Technical literature)
    • Thermal conductivity measurement (Brochure/ Manual, Technical literature)
    • Rapid Thermal Processor (Brochure/ Manual, Technical literature)
    • Heat Dissipation system (Brochure/ Manual, Technical literature)

We customise measurements and products and related to any field. Please note that our entire products are 100% designed and developed by our company and are proprietary products.

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Standard Precision Products

  • Source Measure Unit
  • Electrometer
  • Nano Volt Meter
  • Pico Amp Meter
  • Precision Current Source
  • Magnetic Power Supplies
  • Low Temperature Accessories
  • High Temperature Accessories
  • Sample Holders
  • Dielectric Accessories

Labortary Instruments for Msc, Bsc





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