Special Project-Portfolio

Project One

Up-gradation of Vibration Sample Magneto - Meter

Vibration Sample Magnetometer was supplied by DMS USA to DMRL hydrabad a DRDO lab. The system was down because of old dos based software and non availability of spare parts with the user. The system was down for 5-6 years. We were aproached by the customer to upgrade it with new software and repair the faults in the system.

The new software was provided which was windows based and electronics faults were dully repaired, Magnetisation tests were carried out including isoltermal magnetisation.

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Project Two

Refitting of Rapid Thermal Processing System

Solid States lab Delhi was having a RTP system for anealing of wafers fro ermany. The system was down due to non availability og spare parts and support from OEM. We were given the opportunity by SSPL to refit the total setup including the repair of major heating chamber furnance. The system was made operational with in short period inclduing the three zone programming done under new windows envoirnment. The complete system offers 4 inches wafers anealing with continues and controlled gas purging.

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Project Three

Repair of RF sputerring system

DLRL hydrabad was having a three head RF cputtering system. The system was down due to non avilability of spare parts and non support from OEM. The system was made operational with the support of a company specialist in vaccum systems in hydrabad. The overall resposbility of the system was under our banner.

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Project Four

Design and development of ferroelectric loop tracer system

Ferroelectric loop tracer system is one of the main product line of our business. It is prmarily known as PE loop tracer system. The system is 100% designed, developed and produced by our company. The system offers wide variety of frequecny and temperature ranges. The system is highly advanced and can operate from PC, tab or a andriod phone using wireless technology. The system can measure different asepects such as polerisation under magnetic field under different temperature ranges.

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Project Five

Design and Development of Seebeck measurement system

Seebeck measurement system is one of its unique development project in India, It has never been presented by any Indian company in India. The 100% design development including software hardware modlues are solely by our company. The system measures Seebeck at different temperatures, The system also measures resitivty vs temperatures in parellel to Seebeck. The fine arrangement of two thermocouples gives you micro level accuracy. The system also includes a fix current source and volt meter to measure the different in voltages or two temperture thermocouples. The thermo EMF produced by the specimen due to temperature different is measured and produced in tabular and graphical form online. The sample can be rectagular or circular cylinder shaped.

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