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D33 Meter

The D33PZO meter is an instrument which measures piezoelectric constant d31, d32, d33 values of piezoelectric ceramics, polymers, and single crystals. This meter is capable of measuring values over a very large range at high resolution. Test Specimens of different sizes and shapes can easily be measured. D33 value is displayed on a digital panel meter and also on PC software provided along. D33PZO Meter is designed by our company & its most advanced in its specifications and can undertake various tests simultaneously. The amplitude of the system is precise 0.25N.

Various Tests Performed

  • Piezoelectric constants.
  • Resonance Method. – (Piezo Test Set-up)
  • D31, D32, D33, without any special attachment.
  • D31, D32, D33 at different temperature and room temp.
  • C, d15, εT33 ,tan δ, g15, g31 and g33.
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