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Low Temperature Sample Holder

The Low-Temperature Stage is designed to provide users a low-cost solution for two and four probe measurement option. The Conventional systems uses a very large size AC Furnace. The load is only a small piece of sample. Therefore, it is not necessary to use a large furnace. There is another disadvantage of using a large size AC furnace, the heating is abrupt/Fluctuating   and cooling is not controlled. At maximum experiments the heating rate is very important which is difficult to achieve in large size furnace. We are using a very small power DC Heater. The benefit of using a DC heater is noise free data.  The measurement techniques are well defined which makes the system versatile. User can hold the specimen at a desired temperature between – 177K – 573K. The complete system comprises of Low Temperature sample holder, temperature controller stage, Vacuum pump and interconnecting cables. Following are the main highlights of the system

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