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D33 Meter

The model D33PZO d33 meter is a special instrument which measures piezoelectric constant d31, d32, d33 values of piezoelectric ceramics, polymers, and single crystals. This meter can also measure d31, d32, d33 values in various single crystal materials, such as lithium niobite, quartz, and tourmaline. This meter is capable of measuring d31, d32, d33 values over a very large range, at high resolution, and with a high degree of reliability. The measurement is quickly, and easily made with a minimum of training required. Specimens of a variety of sizes and shapes can easily be accommodated and measured. For example: d33 value of disks, blocks, rings, tubes and semi spherical shells can be easily measured and displayed on the Model D33PZO d33 meter. Measuring d33 value is displayed on a 3 1/2-inch digital panel meter. This instrument is invaluable as a tool for quality assurance of piezoelectric materials, production in-line inspection, or for research applications. The Piezo Electric constant instrument is highly sensitive and require a clean environment.

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