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Seeback Measurement System

The Seebeck measurement system also known as thermopower thermoelectric power, and thermoelectric sensitivity of a material is a measure of the magnitude of an induced thermoelectric voltage in response to a temperature difference across that material, as induced by the Seebeck effect. It is measured in microvolts per kelvin (μV/K). The sample is generally rectangular/Cylindrical in shape with a length of approximately 10 to 20 mm. The test is performed under vacuum to maintain accurate thermal gradient across sample. Standard Keithley delta system Is used to measure thermoelectric voltage produce by the specimen. The sample can be semiconductor, crystal, ceramics. Seebeck measurement system is designed and developed by our company and has recognition in INDIA. The new system is digital and has PC USB interface. Total operations are performed by highly advanced Seebeck measurement system test software.

Various tests performed

  • See beck coefficient vs temperature
  • DC resistivity Vs temperature
  • Additional module to calculate thermo power
  • I/V Current vs Voltage at fix temperature point
Seeback Measurement System


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