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Strain Measurement System

The effective use of piezoelectric or electro strictive actuators in smart structure systems. it is necessary to accurately measure the actuator strain vs. field characteristics. These characteristics generally display non-linearities, especially in the case of electro strictive materials, and also exhibit hysteresis, temperature and frequency variation and aging effects. Accurate characterization is needed both for quality control in actuator manufacturing and for design and optimization of the actuator control system. The Strain measurement system uses a LVDT with movable nickel-iron core that is suspended in a non-contacting manner in the LVDT main body. The core is mounted on a nonmagnetic threaded rod that is attached, on the top side, to a miniature linear bearing slide to ensure vertical-only motion and, on the bottom side, to a probe that rests on the DUT. The Strain measurement system is designed by our company and is most advanced in its specifications and can undertake various tests needed by researchers. The accuracy and the resolution of the system is precise as low as 0.1 Micro metre The accuracy can be enhanced to 1 nano metre using laser interfero metre, but require a vibration free table.

Various tests performed

  • Electric field vs Strain
  • Current vs Strain
  • Electric field vs Polarization (Optional)
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